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let us get in some corners

Hey dudetts & dudes k so this community needs help. Does anyone know about customization of community journals? If so please do somethinggg about the dreadful look of this place. A good way to get other nova scotian's is to go to the find tab on the main page and search schools, add a school or whatever, go to canada, nova scotia.. and click on random locations go to the schools with a lot of people and post to random persons journal...hah takes time.. but yah i think it's the only way it's gonna get spread about... just copy and paste this if you want:
hey could you please join this group  and get any nova   scotians you know to join!
Thank you and take care

Something to that effect.. I've started but theres a lot of schools lol so yah thats an idea...
any other ideas? post it babies.

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