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novascotiakids's Journal

Nova Scotia
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ahoyy, the names Care Sanford and I'm from tiny little Three Mile Plains, Nova Scotia. I created this group to bring Nova Scotian's of all ages,sexes,races,preferences,etc. together in a place we can meet local people more easily,that might not be from our region as well as hear about upcoming events.

When you first join you can give as much or as little information about yourself as you like but please remember to be safe this is the internet, and we're all supposed to be in nova scotia, there are people that might wish to harm or violate you, so be careful with giving too much personal information.

This is a non moderated community and is to be ran by the people for the people.
Being non moderated, Hopefully everyone treats eachtother with respect and kindness as we're all just here for the same reasons and if you have a problem with someone take it up with them personally do not make this community a warzone thankyou. Hopefully you find this community helpful and be sure to spread the word!